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The Antique, Classic and Historic Automobile world Fellowship of Rotarians (ACHAFR) is an international association of Rotarians dedicated to promoting the preservation and utilisation of antique, classic and historic automobiles as an opportunity for fellowship and service.

The Fellowship was founded in 1988 and gradually spread its wings over continents  and now counts twelve national chapters in Europe and North America as well as contact representatives  in Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Uruguay.


ACHAFR Belgium was founded some years ago, made it's re-start in September 2021.

We would like to welcome all of you to our annual festival "Everything Old On Wheels", first weekend of September at the Citadel Diest.

More information and registration


Want to join the ACHAFR Belgium?

Membership of ACHAFR Belgium is open to Rotarians, Past Rotarians, family members of (Past) Rotarians as well as all program participants.

ACHAFR will direct individual members to the nearest national chapter. Only in those countries, where there is no national chapter (past) Rotarians can become (life-time) members at a contribution of € 50,- per year or  € 200,- for life-time membership.

Want to join the ACHAFR Belgium?

ACHAFR Belgium Membership

IBAN: BE14330032139083


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Join ACHAFR Belgium

2022 ACHAFR Belgium first tour
Saturday 3th September to Sunday 4th September
The ACHAFR Belgium first tour be based at the Citadel Diest Belgium.

Tour 2022

Please use the booking form below to join ACHAFR Belgium first tour 2022.
This tour information will also be forwarded to national chapters of ACHAFR and be on the website
The cost of this Tour is € 975 per car based on two people per car who will be sharing a room. Single rooms will be available at an added cost.

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The Citadel Diest is situated near the city centre and will be the scene of the great oldtimer event Everything Old On Wheels all Week-end.

The Tour price includes apart from two days of driving, on Saturday one night hotel stay & evening meal included, excluded wine. On Sunday, breakfast and VIP lunch.

The two-day programme will visit on Saturday: Diest, Averbode, Moedermeule Gelrode, Kasteel van Horst Kortrijk Dutsel, Heverlee bos, Genval with the magnificent lake, Melin, Hoegaarden with it's brewery, Vissenaken with it's Brewery, and back to Diest to enjoy Everything Old On Wheels event. Dinner at the hotel in Beringen.

Sunday we will start again at the Citadel Diest and have a wonderful tour through the Hageland, back at noon to join the VIP lunch and be part of the live classic car auction at Everything Old On Wheels.


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E Veiling 2.JPG
Car for sale

StarterMotor EU

Our passion
... is to see the next generation of young people driving , maintaining and enjoying historic cars.
We know that if nothing is done, the world of classic driving will change and even disappear. It doesn't take extensive research to see that society is shifting. The automotive world is undergoing seismic technical changes, attitudes towards driving and the ambition to own a car, particularly among the Millennial generation, are also changing.
We believe that our old car world offers a real oasis in and together with, the digital age: fun, adventure and community. It's a place to belong; where friendship, common interest and mechanical pleasure are self-evident; where things are repaired and not thrown away. StarterMotor is committed to offering young people a big welcome to the historic car community by supporting them in their ambitions and promoting access to classic cars.

Youth program

Interested in joining our youth program, please leave your coordinates here and we will contact you.

Thanks for submitting! We`ll be in contact soon!

Zaterdagvoormiddag 2022.jpg


Gathering at Citadel Diest

Welcome and briefing

Start tour one car every minute

100 km drive

Diest, Averbode, Moedermeule Gelrode, Kasteel van Horst Kortrijk Dutsel, Heverlee bos, Genval with the magnificent lake

Lunch Genval

Zaterdagnamiddag 2022.jpg


Start at Genval

Briefing next part of the tour

Start next part one car every minute

80 km drive

Terlanen-Ottenburg, Grez-Doiceau (Wavre), Mélin, Hoegaarden, Hauthem, 

Vissenaken, Scherpenheuvel

Arrival at Citadel Diest

Joining Everything Old On Wheels event

Drive to Hotel in Beringen


Zondagvoormiddag 2022.jpg


Gathering at Citadel Diest


Start tour one car every minute

70 km drive

Arrival at Citadel Diest

VIP lunch

Joining Everything Old On Wheels Oldtimer Auction

Closing and save home

Tour details
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